Ways to Engage

A sure way to learn more about Northwood Christian Church, get connected, and make friends is to do something you love that supports the ministries of the church.  Here are just a few ways to be part of the NCC magic:

Sunday School:  Help with Sunday School once a month, or once a quarter by assisting our excellent, prepared lead teachers as they make the old, old stories shiny and new.  Using glitter is not optional!

Visitation: Spend some time with a shut-in who would love the company, the communion, and the camaraderie.

Be a Liturgist:  Call everyone into worship, read scripture, serve communion, or share your God story in front of the kindest crowd you will ever face.

Make Music:  Whether you are a professional musician or just like to make a joyful noise, there’s a way for you to share your gifts. You can join NCC's Chancel choir, offer up a solo or duet, or bring your high school instrument out of retirement - all are ways you can make a joyful noise to God.

Manage Sound:  We have a fairly low-key audio and visual operation - a few mics to amplify the sound, and a camera to capture the service so folks who missed church can participate from home - but we still need a pair of hands each Sunday to manage it. 

Welcome:  Be the face of God for strangers, neighbors, and friends as they come to worship on Sunday mornings.  If you can smile and shake a hand, you're qualified.

Ralph and Marciel Werking Food Pantry @ Northwood: The food pantry is always open and welcoming to anyone wanting to volunteer. Northwood's food pantry takes place every Saturday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 with volunteers arriving 1/2 hour before and staying 1/2 hour after food pantry. If you would like more information about how you can volunteer please contact the church at 283-1352.

Keep Northwood Beautiful: Take a look around the grounds at Northwood and you will see the hard work of some very dedicated individuals. With our beautiful landscaping and mature trees, there is always something that can use a little sprucing up. Our volunteers begin in April with early spring flowers and by mid May they are switching out those flowers for hardier plants that will get Northwood through the hot summer. Before we know it, it's fall and time to replace the flowers of summer for the mums of fall with all it's vibrant colors that will carry us through to winter. As you can imagine, there's always a weed that needs pulled or mulch that needs spread, and plants that need watered. If making the world a more beautiful place and working on your tan sounds like a great volunteer opportunity please contact Sue Blunck/Grounds Coordinator at 317-251-4469.