Northwood Christian Church


Northwood is a thriving, diverse, nurturing home for Christians and spiritual seekers who find and deepen their faith through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and seek to express that faith in their church, their family, community and the world. 


Rooted in the traditions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Northwood’s open community celebrates the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in worship, study, prayer, fellowship, and service.


Northwood is open to all as children of God, and so we:

  • Invite those of all ages, races, cultures, and sexual orientations to be a part of this open and affirming community
  • Joyfully witness to our unity in shared faith while valuing diversity of thought
  • Embody Jesus’ teaching to love God and others as ourselves
  • Welcome people of faith, spiritual seekers, and those as yet of no faith

Northwood believes in empowering spiritual discovery and growth, and so we:

  • Provide vibrant worship experiences full of music and art, offering Word and Sacrament in traditional and creative ways
  • Nurture spiritual development of children and youth, people of mature faith, new believers, and those seeking understanding; providing opportunities to question, gain insights, grow in personal faith and freedom of expression on the faith journey
  • Provide care for one another, both by ordained minister(s) and by congregation

Northwood engages with the community and the world by using our human, material, spiritual, and financial resources to:

  • Research and identify community gifts and opportunities for service
  • Provide occasions for reconciliation within the wider community and church
  • Create local programs of interest, (such as cultural/arts events, seminars, retreats, wellness, justice issues, and ecumenical/denominational gatherings)